Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day Thirty Eight - False Start

Today we were supposed to be flying home and to be honest I was kind of excited ... after thirty eight days of travel we wanted our own home and our own bed and not living out of a suitcase would have been nice. 

We arrived at the airport early hoping to get to a nice seat however when we arrived at the check in counter we were told we couldn't check in and we were to go to another counter. Obviously my blood pressure started to rise as we walked through to the new desk. We were told there were no seats on the plane .... what how can we have no seat? Apparently there were no seats and we were "bumped" but wait its ok because they will put us up in a nice hotel and we will be given transfers, meals etc. Fine there is nothing we can do about it so lets make the best of it. We get booked on the next days flight and transfer back to the hotel. 

We should have realised the minute we got crammed onto the transfer bus this wasn't going to be pretty but we were still kind of positive that Emirates would have our best interests at heart. 

Now the hotel they took us to was horrid .... horrid isn't even an over exageration. The lift and room smelled so strongly of cigarette smoke i could taste it and felt icky ... you know that crawling feeling you get when you touch the lift buttons or hand rails on a bus ... I got that feeling the minute I walked into the room. The bathroom was a disaster with mould and cracked tiles. I started having a panic attack the minute we arrived and after calling reception to try and sort out another room we were told there was no option, that was our room.

Our last night in Dubai should be traumatic and obviously the hotel wasn't able to help us so we checked out, went back to our old hotel (at our own cost) booked into a suite... had a shower to get rid of the "icky" feeling and then went off to the markets. Hey our last night on holidays should be fabulous.

The markets we chose were tourist markets meaning they were reproduction of authentic souks however it was lovely to walk around in the sun, the canals were so pretty and it was a great way to spend the afternoon.

So again back home to wait for tomorrows flight ... please please please let us be on the flight.

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