Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day Thirty Three - A Day of Rest

So today I slept in ... I really really slept in and woke about lunch time. '

Hubby had woken up way earlier and explored the adjoining mall... so when I woke my rather sick self up at lunch time my childlike excited husband dragged me to the indoor ski field. After staring at the beginners falling over for a while we found a place to eat overlooking the ski fields and had such wonderful food I was in heaven. We looked at a few shoe stores and furniture stores before I was dragged back to bed for antibiotics and sleep. 

I will say, if I was staying in one of the tiny little rooms we had in Europe I would be insane by now, instead this room was rather pleasant, I wandered from the bathroom to the lounge room then back to bed... how on earth can I get bored with so much space to play in.

We ordered in again tonight (he is really trying to take care of me) and tried a few different Mezze plates. On of those was Hummus and while topping up the drinks I mentioned that Hummus was very good for your skin. Rounding the corner with Fresh drinks this is what I came across .... yes he is slightly crazy and yes I still love him.

Tomorrow I want to ski but hubby says wait and see how im feeling, no cold air for me till I stop coughing!

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