Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day Thirty Seven - A Day of Fun

Today was our last day in Dubai and so we decided to have a day of fun. No obligatory sight seeing, we were going to be kids and just have fun.

In the morning we skied and it was great, freezing cold but great, hot chocolate half way down the slopes ... chair lifts and no falls meant we were having a great time.

After that we raced back to the room, got changed and went to a little water park called Atlantis. Now this is a revelation, usually with water parks you wait in big lines for rides, not this one, all of the rides are connected through a giant lazy river so you sit on the river until you hit the turn you want, move onto that river and it either puts you onto the ride or else you take a conveyor belt with your tube to the top of the ride. Brilliant, I had a fantastic day here and didn't even get sun burnt thanks to 50 plus sunscreen you are able to get here.

After that we went back, got changed, brought even more shoes and then off to dinner. We dinned in this amazingly flash restaurant off the mall ... can you imagine a restaurant off the mall to look like this. I had steak, Ben had frogs legs since he missed out on them while in Paris ... He says they are great if not a little bit intimidating to look at... Im not a big fan, to fatty for me but hey .... go Ben!

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