Friday, October 28, 2011

Day Thirty Six - A Small Screw-Up

So today we had big plans, in the morning we had planned to go to Old Town and visit the Souks, in the afternoon we were doing Friday Brunch. Easy right? Well no, Not a great deal was open on Friday morning. See their weekend is Friday / Saturday so we wandered around a market mostly closed ... sad but true. 

We crossed the creek on a public boat and I have to admit it was a really hot day. We visited the tourist markets and I found the most amazing shoes ever .... they have such pretty shoes! Look at this picture, see how many pairs of shoes I had to choose from? If you look at the above pictures of Old Town and compare them to the pictures below from New Town you can see the huge amazing differences. I like old town, its got soul and history but new town is pretty mind blowing. 

Then it was about 2ish and most brunches start at 3.30 so back to the hotel to get ready .... printing out the receipt I realised that the brunch we booked started at 12. That would mean we missed it. Oh dear - Slight screw up and no brunch.

So off to Dubai mall where we had a look at the ice rink, Aquarium and fountain show.... I also made some additional purchases including another pair of shoes, a lovely orange clutch and of course this amazing head piece for out show and tell wall. 

So today was a day of shopping instead of Brunch. Tomorrow we are doing nothing but fun .... whatever we feel like doing we are going to do it ... Last day of holidays and then flying back home. Im kind of sad to be ending the holiday but i'm also pretty excited about actually seeing the progress of the house. I will make sure to post pictures the minute I see them.

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