Monday, October 17, 2011

Day Twenty Four - Travel Days

So we travelled from Rome to Venice today via train … obviously after dealing with the trains in Poland we were more than worried about yet another stressful day of travelling but to be honest it was fairly easy. You can board the train 20 minutes prior to departure as opposed to 2 minutes in Poland and the seats were heavenly, we had 8 people in our whole carriage and we ended up chatting to a New Zealand couple and an American couple while drinking copious amounts of champagne and beer we arrived before we even had time to complain about it being such a long trip.

So we arrived in Venice and to be honest my first opinion was very positive, we had a private water taxi take us to the hotel, the sun was shining, the place was buzzing and there was so much to see on the trip.

The hotel itself is ultra sheik… its dark and dreamy and very luxurious with velvet drapes, flocked wall paper and lots of black. I am loving the view down one of the canals and cant wait for tomorrow to finally start really exploring.

So we went for a quick walk and the small little alleys are crazy, we crossed bridges in at least 5 places before we finally arrived at St Marks Square. Once we had confirmed we could get there we turned around and tried to make our way back.

We are both worried slightly that there isn’t going to be much to do in Venice. Obviously there is shopping but there is only so much shopping you can do so I am slightly worried we will get bored here so its off to Trip Advisor to search out the top things to see and do in Venice.

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