Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day Twenty Eight - Let Them Eat Cake

Firstly it has apparently been proven that Marie Antoinette did not use that phrase but its just so catchy I had to use it in my title. So today was Versailles and we had an amazing tour guide who really made the history come alive for us which was great.

The palace itself is lovely, pretty much as grand as a few of the others we have seen, obviously its huge and the hall of mirrors is just an insane power trip from good old Louis the fourteenth but what really makes Versailles grand is the gardens. Its very easy to stand on the top level and say wow but to really get just how insanely large it is you really have to see it all. Obviously walking wasn't an option for hubby so the plan was to take the little train and see it all ... then the impossible happened. One of the "to rent" golf carts zoomed by and his eyes lit up. Obviously we were taking a golf cart ... not so obviously it was actually pretty good fun. We zoomed around looking at the huge amounts of gardens, hedges, fountains and lakes before arriving at the little palace which at one point was a hide out for MA (Short for Marie Antoinette because she has such a long name). This little palace I liked more than the main palace, it was simple a sweet and very earthy with natural stone walls and marble stone floors. 

Now this is where I found my quiet moment, we visited MA's little hamlet. She had a make believe farm built with lovely little perfumed and pink dyed sheep for her to play with. I don't really know what I was expecting but it was the most amazingly peaceful place. The buildings were quaint, the views heavenly and even better because there was a bit of a walk to get to it there were a total of 20 people in the entire area. Really for us this was a highlight of our trip.

We had arranged to have dinner back in Paris with friends but had an hour to kill so decided on visiting Notre Dame in the evening. Now this was without a single doubt in my mind the moment that took my breath away. Walking through the cathedral I found a group of choir singers practicing and even thinking about it now has the on my arms standing on ends. I walked around with tears in my eyes and was overwhelmed not because the church was the biggest or the most ornate but because it felt like it had the most faith. Now im not a religious person but in this church I could appreciate just how much love it had.

Finally dinner with friends where I had the duck and afterwards we stood in the freezing cold at the Eiffel tower to watch the nightly lights show.

All in all an amazing day if a long one. Tomorrow should be slightly less busy and our last day in Paris. 

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