Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day Fourteen - Under the Surface

So today we ventured away from the hotel. I’m going to be honest in my impressions so please bare in mind these are just my thoughts. Warsaw is ugly and beautiful all in one. Now that I have gotten the word ugly out of my system let me explain. It’s odd because no matter where you go you get the old basic almost grim looking apartment blocks. We went and saw the Old Town Square (major tourist attraction), which looked like something out of a Disney movie. The buildings we picturesque, there were pidgins fluttering around, tourists taking pictures and lovely little outdoor cafes were you can sit and relax and just watch the world go by.

We also visited the Warsaw Castle and while by no means as over the top as Buckingham Palace it was still mindblowingly excessive and well worth a visit.

That is the good … now for the ugly, its actually a really dark city, not so much as in weather because the weather has been better than perfect but it feels dark, I suppose that the feeling is compounded because I rarely see any of the locals smile. As Australians we natural say hello and smile as we go into any shop, restaurant or market but here no one smiles and as I was walking down the street laughing at something Ben said I actually got some really bad looks. I think we stood out as tourists not because of the way we dress but the fact that we walked with smile on our faces.

Ok enough dark and ugly thoughts, I will say one thing. Polish woman know how to dress and dress well, heels, boots, scarves and hats are all the norm and I just cant get enough of it. I have to literally hold myself back from going crazy in their shops… Think about the weight limit on planes, you do not need another pair of gloves or scarf!

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