Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day Thirty - Im Coming Home

Today is the first day where we travelled backwards. We are back in London on our way home but lets start at the beginning. Another early freezing cold morning at a the coldest train station I have ever experienced. Now usually I exaggerate slightly about the cold but today its quite funny because walking through the station we spotted people in ski gear with ear muffs, beanies and gloves ... so oh yes it was a cold train station.

The train itself was quick and easy and very very comfortable. We left, travelled and then arrived within a blink of an eye and were whooshed off to the hotel.

This is where things go slightly hairy. Hubby may have been slightly overwhelmed when presented with all of the packages we had posted from all over Europe back to the hotel.

Obviously there was not enough stuff to try and get home so we then walked back to the tower to purchase the helmet we wanted when we were here originally. We then had to buy another suitcase to carry everything home before dragging our very tired bottoms home for dinner and sleep. Tomorrow we have an early start for our day trip to Belgium.... Apparently Belgium is the home of chocolate so yay for tomorrow.


B is building a house said...

Yummmmm. Chocolate..... Mmmmmm :)

Is postage expensive within Europe?


Miss Vintage said...

Hey B - I swear I was jumping around at the chocolate ... sorry about the delayed post but travelling throws me off majorly. Look at all the shops i hit while there .... heavenly.