Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day Twenty Seven - Food Food Glorious Food, and Paris

So today before the sun came up we said goodbye to Venice. I have to admit even though we did have some hesitations about the city at the beginning I can safely say its one of my favourite cities so far. 

So Paris, we arrived and wandered towards the eiffel tower thinking it might be a good starting point to get our bearings ... only we kind of walked the other way. We only discovered we were walking in the other direction after getting hungry and asking the lovely woman in the bakery which way it was. (May I just say ... oh my god the breads and cakes and torts are amazing)

Thus began a day of truly getting lost and its not half as fun as it was in Venice. After turning ourselves around we finally found the largest icon in the city and we were unable to find it.

We obviously walked under it and did the ohhh ahhh thing before getting on a hop on hop off bus hoping to get some idea on the layout of the city. We sat up top and I tried to make a list of everything I wanted to see but gave up after the first 10 amazing buildings.

Tonight we decided we were tired of eating in restaurants so found a lovely little cake shop where we went kinda crazy and then obviously matched it with chinese from down the road and snuck it all up to our room for a picnic on the bed. We ate until we were sick and then have ended up falling into bed. Tomorrow is a big day for both of us with a lovely private tour of Versailles.


B is building a house said...

Yum yum yum!!!!!!

You are one lucky girl :)


Belinda said...

O.M.G. jealous - much? Any chance of bringing those goodies home? Well to Sydney!

Miss Vintage said...

So good Belinda - I swear I wasn't putting on weight until we hit Rome and Paris.... So much good food I cant believe how pretty it all looks.