Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day Seventeen - Did Someone Say Cold?

I think I should start by saying its cold … no no its so unbelievable cold I swear I couldn’t move any of the joints in my fingers today. So now that we have cleared up the fact that today is so cold its almost surprising let me give you another surprise. We slept in! The bed we are currently on is the first comfortable bed we have had this trip. I will admit hubby and I are quite particular about mattresses and pillows and I think we just accepted that we would not be happy with any of the beds on our trip … cue “Super Bed”. Every single time I actually lay down on “super bed” I just want to drift off peacefully into sleep. What is even more surprising is that hubby feels the same way too.

So we slept in which normally would be fine but today at 10am we had booked a Segway tour and to wake up at 9am knowing we have a 45 minute walk to get their caused a fair amount of panic and lots of moaning from Ben because he didn’t get his breakfast. I on the other hand moaned about how bloody cold it was so it was a very very long 45 minutes.

The Segway tour itself was amazing, it was a private tour and we ended up travelling up the countryside surrounding Prague where the guide showed us all the best places to look at the view. We even stopped at this lovely little bridge and participated in a romantic tradition where you write your names on a lock, attach it to the gate and throw the key into the water. Hubby spent a great deal of time looking at the names so he didn’t attach his lock to a couple he didn’t think would “make it”

The tour also pleased hubby who loved nothing better than hooning around the cobblestones while the guide wasn’t looking. However what sounds just lovely and picturesque is also bloody cold and by the end of the tour which a cant say enough good things about … partly because my lips are still frozen we walked straight into the first restaurant about and ordered soup.

Hubby is an avid Ice Hockey fan and after a bit of google’ing we discovered a team “Sparta” playing. Oh yes, I am the best wife in the world, finally warm myself up and then voluntarily go into an freezing cold ice rink to watch the game. It was a good game where we actually got a bit extra for our money, 5 minutes overtime and then a penalty shoot out so overall hubby is a very happy chappy.

Another early night tonight because tomorrow we are going to try and book a private tour of the old town so we can get a bit more history of the city.

Again I just have to say, I love / adore / am besotted with Prague and this city has so far made my whole tour. I am already planning how to return soon, maybe new years next year?????

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