Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day Twenty Nine - Paris In One Day

Today we desperately tried to fit everything we wanted to see in Paris in one day. First off we made a very chilly visit to the Eiffel tower at 8.30am which was great because we were the first people up to the very top. Oh yes without a doubt another goldfish moment ... I hate heights and this one was worse than normal. I couldn't even deal with the elevator which was glass so stood cringing into my husbands jacket as I tried not to look down. The top "level three" was horrible and I swear I could even feel it moving. It was a lovely view from the top but hey ... I hate heights.

Afterwards it was off to Napoleon's tomb where we were amazed at just how big his tomb and maybe his ego was. Don't get me wrong it was majestic and lovely but really ... when does majestic become excessive.

Finally we did see the Louvre and meet the lovely Miss Mona Lisa - it was almost an anticlimax, we had expected it to be crazy busy and more than a little bit overwhelming and while there was a few people, it took a few minutes to get to the front of the cue instead of the hours I was expecting. After that it was a long walk home and a few hours to relax before we were off to see Moulin Rouge.

Now I don't know what I was expecting from the Moulin Rouge but it wasn't what we got. The Moulin Rouge is Bollywood with a Parisian twist and lots of nipple. There didn't seem to be much of a story and the costumes while elaborate were almost obscene with beads and feathers coming out of places I would prefer not to discuss.

So would I recommend it .... yes. Why, because it really opens your eyes to the way Moulin Rouge has changed over the years. I would also say its hilariously funny to watch and hubby has mentioned the he wouldn't kick any of the girls out of bed if he wasn't married man! hmmm, don't know quite what to think of that comment so I'm just going to let it go.

Off to London tomorrow and this really signals the ends of our time in Europe and begins Dubai.

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