Monday, October 24, 2011

Day Thirty One - Chocolate and Beer

So we had one day more before flying back home. Normal people would pack, rest and reflect on everything we have seen but hey ... when have we ever been normal. Instead we went back to Europe on a 13 hour tour to Bruge, Belgium.

Firstly we did something rare - we caught the train through the tunnel by car. Now that is weird, the car drives onto the train and once everything is secure you can walk around the cars and look out the windows. Its all very well timed and well run and happens very smoothly.

Oh yes the city of chocolate, fries and beer. I don't know if you remember but one of my bucket list items was to find the best chocolate shop in Europe and eat it until I was sick. I can safely say I have definitely ticked this off my list. Below are pictures of all the shops we went into and tried their chocolates.

We also ate fries which were apparently created here and were great (Hubby had three lots), waffles (well duhh) and 11% beer!

Now the city itself is so damn cute I cant believe how pretty the city really is... its really pretty.

Sorry its not a long post but we are off to the airport in 10 minutes .... time to go with our copious amounts of luggage.

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