Sunday, October 31, 2010

In Search of the perfect lounge

I know I still have miles to go before I can start actually putting things into my house but in my head I am working out furniture placement and colour schemes for each room. The rooms that are getting me most excited at the moment are my bedroom, the dining and downstairs lounge room.

The lounge room is what I am going to discuss with you today. This photo shows best what I want in regards to layout. I love how formal this room is, 2 light fixtures, one big couch and some armchairs (another favorite of mine) and the big rug to clearly define the space. This is exactly what I am looking for layout wise but the colour scheme isn't quite right.

I love the drapes they have used in this picture. I keep saying I want curtains instead of blinds because they soften the room and this is a perfect example of how they create an atmosphere and a wonderful warm feel.

In this room the colour scheme is nearly perfect, soft greys and neutrals create such a calm relaxed environment without compromising on the formal nature of the room. One of my favorite features is the clear glass hall table they have used behind the couch. Just heavenly.

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