Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pressing Business

I have always had a thing for pressed tin ceilings, they are lovely and old and give a home this wonderful sense of history. The big question is - is it possible to add this lovely old feature into a new house? Especially a new house that is kind of modern.

I have this lovely recess in my downstairs living room and the plan is to put the pressed tin in that recess. I am going to keep it painted white like the rest of the ceiling so its only going to be a textural influence - then I found out you can actually get a wallpaper that mimics the tin... it looks amazing, I am just not sure I could personally hang my own wallpaper let alone on a ceiling.... so maybe when you add up the cost of the paper and a "hanger" it might be cheaper to go for the real deal.... still looking into that but to whet your appetite enjoy these beautiful images.

Real pressed tin ceilings

The wallpaper

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