Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Word of Warning

For the past 10 months I have been spouting on about the beautiful things I want to use in my house. What i haven't done is think too much of the future and plan accordingly. Then one of my lovely friends decided to send me a message telling it like it is.... I have to say I found this hilarious and horrifying all at once and had to post a little bit on my wall.

"Peta, there is one thing to keep in the back of your mind ... KIDS. They spew, snot, poop on everything, they pull curtains down, scratch timber surfaces, rub dirty hands on glass, squish food onto lounges, spill stuff on carpets and ram toys into walls and skirting boards"

My first thought were obviously these words (be honest, I am sure this runs through every ones head at some point) ..... "My kids wont do any of that, they will be perfect" and in the name of honestly, when I was a kid I was pretty close to perfect, he he he. I was one of those children who's barbie doll looked just like when it was in the box, my books were lined up in alphabetical order, I only used to have drinks in the kitchen, feet did not belong on lounges and the idea of having dirty hands let alone rubbing them on anything gave me cold sweats. HOWEVER I do realise I was not a normal child, so there is a very good chance my children wont understand my 200 year old water puppet from Vietnam are not to be touched.

Although I know all this and should be planning accordingly I am still stuck in the ... "but I want these gorgeous linen armchairs!" stage and all I really want to do is stamp my feet and pout.

Ultimately my friend is right, I do have to plan for the future but I am going to try not to compromise on my design ideas if I can find something that is practical and beautiful ... I am sure balance is possible and hey all my artifacts can just go up on the higher shelves, scotchgarding will be my saviour and walls can be repainted if I have to.....

I will say though any repair work will be coming out of their allowance!

Tomorrow I am looking forward to showing you my wonderful market purchases that were under $100. You will be amazed at my newly found bargaining skills.

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