Sunday, October 10, 2010

Im still on about flooring

As the title said I am almost finalised on my flooring decisions.

As much as I love the wood I know its not practical. So the winner is stone... honed stone. How heavenly does that sound. I looked into it and honed means they polish it but stop before it reaches a high polish, this finish is a lot more forgiving to scratches than a high gloss finish.
So the main part of my downstairs is going to be stone, Actually its going to be a Jura Blue Grey limestone from Germany.

The staircase and upstairs living areas are going to be spotted gum, its still has the chocolate colouring I'm after and the timber itself is really really interesting.

Finally the carpet, I am not 100% decided on carpet but I love the Carpets from Cavalier Bremworth, especially the Tussore or Elysium.

So that is the look that I am having for my flooring, now I have made the decision I just have to stick to it and find the balance between price and quality. Its exciting but its going to be hard justifying the expense of the stone however as flooring is something you really don't want to change down the track I think its important to get it right now.... lets hope I have.

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