Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bamboo Madness

Now I have shown you the above picture as something I really want in my house. But to be totally honest, the idea of bamboo scares me slightly. I know if you get the wrong species it will destroy everything growing everywhere and be totally uncontrolled.

So I have done a fair bit of research and found two amazing types that will work perfectly in the space near my front door plus give me the privacy I am looking for without paying an arm and a leg for a high fence or wall.

These are the two I am thinking of.

Bambusa lako

Common Name: Timor Black Bamboo
Size: 12m x 10cm
Temp: Minus 3 degrees C
Origin: Timor Islands
Type: Clumping
Chocolate black canes with lime green stripes, a truly beautiful bamboo. This bamboo will do best in a sheltered position. Direct exposure to the afternoon sun on the black canes will cause some ‘sun-bleaching’ to occur. For this reason it is best protected from direct afternoon sun exposure. The canes are erect and really stand out among the stunning lime green leaves. A fantastic specimen bamboo in any garden. Prefers a partly shaded position.

Bambusa Ventricosa

Common Name: Buddha’s Belly Bamboo
Size: 6m x 5cm
Temp: Minus 9 degrees C
Origin: China
Type: Clumping

It is said that when this bamboo is stressed the internodes become closer and swollen just like a ‘Buddha’s Belly’. This bamboo does very well in poor soil conditions and is quite drought tolerant when established. Prefers a sunny or partly shaded position.

Personally I am drawn to the Timor Black. I love the glossy black texture against the green leaves but I will go down to the bamboo grower place (I was going to say breeder but that's not right) What about Bamboo specialist and discuss with him first.

Looking forward to my bamboo screen - let me tell you!

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