Wednesday, October 13, 2010

If I Was A House.....

This is going to be a bit of a controversial but I feel that if I don't say something about this I am just going to keep feeling hurt inside. I have a work friend who keeps slipping up, not booking meeting rooms, leaving the event kitchen in a mess, not getting things signed or finished and I seem to be the one picking up the slack. Yesterday was a prime example, a huge video conference with a French company was due to go ahead however she didn't book the room, at the same time I had booked the event kitchen for my function and she had just used it and left it like a bomb had hit it. I was upset about the extra stress this put on me on the day but was happy to discuss with her the next day, its only a bloody kitchen, no real rush.

However during the function I was talking to one of the other girls in the office and this particular friend came up and accused me of bitching about her to everyone else. Let me just say, I didn't actually see the need to bitch, yes she had screwed up but hello.... there are more important things than a kitchen and meeting rooms - we were actually discussing holidays which I find much more interesting. But no - she accused me of bitching and then went about ignoring me for the rest of the night. Maybe I'm fragile and silly but this really upset me. What happened to just apologising and moving on, what happens to trusting about the good in people instead of expecting the worst, what happens to picking the right time and place for a discussion.

With all this drama I had an Epiphany - I thought you can easily compare people to house designs. Hopefully if I was a house this is how I would look........... fabulous of course but also stable, practical and maybe even elegantly able to brush aside any nonsense because I am better than that!

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