Monday, October 18, 2010

Call me Little Miss Bargain Hunter

On the weekend I decided to get up bright and early and hit the markets. I was determined to prove it was possible for me to find beautiful things that dont cost the earth. As I am not very good knowing when to stop I decided to set myself a budget and as I had $120 in my purse this is my budget for the day. Throughout the day I stuck to my budget and sometimes I actually asked if they would take less than what was on the ticket price. I have never done this before and I was so excited that it actually worked. $40 for a decanter that said $65 on the ticket, totally amazing stuff, I would say I'm saving money but really, I'm spending but maybe not quite so much as normal.

My first stop was the local markets and I was surprised if you get there early just how great they are, I found this very cute little silver tea set that I just HAD to have, so I brought it. When i later went to pick up the first tea set I almost tripped over another set which had two tea pots and two sets of sugar and creamers. How lucky was I ... except I now have three silver tea sets. Oh dear.
One of three - the others have slightly different legs

Then I found the most amazing decanter, its very heavy cut glass, it is quite sculptural and not fussy like the other ones I have previously brought, this one I will have to put upstairs and I was thinking ... gee I wish I had another one similar...... cue 2 hours and a different market and I did. So now I have a set of 2 square cut decanters I just adore for upstairs.

Finally was this last little decanter, I have to admit the little good angel in my head was saying, don't you think you have enough already but then the bad angel popped on in for a visit and asked me to look at the detail, look how different it is from all the other ones you have, and the height means you will have more variation in you display. How can you possibly say no to that... and you know what... I brought it.

Amazingly I stayed within budget and was even able to buy myself a cup of coffee when I left. I defiantly had a smile on my face as I spent the next 5 hours watching movies polishing it all up to a high gleam.

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