Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Room I Just Can't Have .... Yet

I think I need to start by saying I am married to a gorgeous husband, I have a lovely life and am not quite ready to have kids! BUT one of the rooms I am most excited to decorate is actually the nursery and its a room I cant even touch yet without looking weird. I LOVE nurseries and am having to hold myself back from doing it until I actually fall pregnant. (Please note, I timed this post while my husband was home and away from the computer because I don't even think he realises just how much I want a nursery.) I need to stress i want a nursery not the baby, at least not yet... but those lovely little white cots and heavenly soft colours.... I want a baby just for the bloody room.

Anyways today in a moment of weakness I decided to share my favorite rooms that I am dying to have... I am even considering have six or seven children just so I can decorate each one differently... ha ha ha.
So its a room I desperately want but cant have....yet. Am I totally insane or is this cluckiness gone very wrong?


MDZZJ said...

You could always decorate your nursery and put one of those life like dolls in it :)

Miss Vintage said...

Im afraid I would be moving staight into the centre square of Crazy Town if I did that. Can you imagine ... I am sure my husband would have me comitted.