Thursday, November 25, 2010

Christmas All Wrapped Up

As you can tell we are not quite in December and I am already talking about Christmas.

I love Christmas, not even so much the day but that lovely warm feeling you get when you walk into the Christmas Section at the big department stores and everything is sparkly and shiny and the music is playing and all you want to do is wander around all day long looking at all the pretty things.

One of my big must-do's is to get all of my Christmas shopping out the way before we hit the 1st of December. I hate the stress and crowds that December shopping create so I always try and get it out of the way early.

Yet again, I have managed to have everything done so now I am turning my mind to how to wrap these lovely little presents... As always my first source of inspiration is Martha Stewart and here are some of my favorites.

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Coopers said...

I too love wrapping the presents beautifully. Thanks for the insperational pictures.