Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Block - My Verdict

I am an avid follower of the channel 9 show "the block" and while usually I would be quite happy to keep my two bob to myself I felt myself screaming in shame the these people made so many mistakes. So I thought I would give my verdict on the lounge rooms they produced in Wednesday's show. Obviously my opinion doesn't mean much but its my blog and I can and will be disparaging if I want to.

So lets start worst to best.

The Winner of the Overall Worst room is - Mark and Duncan

They had the right idea, they really did, it looks calm and pretty, the colours are right and the bulkhead i really really like BUT two big mistakes, they used the horrible white TV unit with the lovely wooden coffee table, it just looks bad, really really bad. To many different materials in this space and I'm sure they could have found a TV unit to match ... if not a buffet would have looked great and given the room a bit of height. The second BIG mistake what - never ever ever put a lounge in front of the window. Not directly in front, if they had of left a bit of a walkway it wouldn't have been so bad but this is just tacky and unattractive 101.

The two in the Middle are really just in the middle. There wasn't alot of wow in these rooms and I was quite disappointed at just how bla.... they were.

The winner in 3rd Place is - Neisha and John

The layout just doesn't work for me. They are portraying this as a warm family home, imagine one or two kids, you would have to really stretch your neck sitting on the couch in this room if you wanted to watch tv. Also I felt the colours just left me for dead, boring ... bland and just uggh.

The Second Place Winner is - Brenton and Chez

I liked this room, it was a strong contender, I love the two armchairs, I love the way they used a glass hall table with the glass and stainless coffee table without looking two matchy matchy. My biggest disappointments in this room were number one - the rug. Way way to much, it takes away from all the lovely furniture in the room, it should have been simple and in a lighter colour. The second disappointment was the TV area. COME ON. I am 100% sure you could have come up with something better than this .... Pulllease.

The Winner in my book this week is - Erin and Jake.

Let me start by saying, in no way did they deserve the $5,000. You don't get told not to do something and then do it anyway and expect to be able to talk your way out of it. BUT their room was my favorite, I kind of wish the black sofa was a little bit more of a dark grey than black but it works, the pivoting TV is a clever idea meaning the space can really be used as more of an entertaining area instead of a big black screen dominating the space, I love the colour of the walls and I love love love the two arm chairs. Well don't to Erin and Jake for an amazing room. Also, I am really disappointed in them as team players.... get your act together guys and you may have a chance to win.

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