Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pool Drama Update

Well It looks like the pool still isn't approved by the shire... sigh.

I am very disappointed in my pool company at the moment and I even wrote them a letter outlining not only my concerns but also the trials and tribulations I have already gone through...

Admittedly there are now being proactive about fixing things but when did it become so hard to just say "I'm Sorry". No one seems to say I'm sorry anymore

"I'm sorry my company has caused you stress, heartache and delays."

"I'm sorry we have not lived up to your expectations"

"I'm sorry I didn't know about this earlier"

But no, nothing at all and I don't know what I'm more disappointed about, my treatment thus far or the lack of a genuine apology over said treatment.

I have one more thing to say on this subject and then it will forever be closed. I think that mistakes happen, all the time and I don't judge people by mistakes but by the way they handle them. this company is not in my good books.
Back to the house - its getting damn close and all I can really say is that I want concrete.... I desperately madly want concrete.... bring it on.
New year New Start!

On another note what do you make of these - graffiti or art? Most of them I kind of like but would I accept these on my wall.... I really don't know.

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