Monday, November 15, 2010

Lighting The Way

The luscious orange light I blogged about yesterday inspired me to search through all my inspiration pictures for some amazing lighting options I have found over the last year. Not all to my taste but all of them really bring WOW into the room....
This just goes to show that when you add more than one of something the room instantly looks expensive and put together. These lights could be $5 each but when you put 7 in a row they are bound to look like a million bucks....
This light is not really me, its a bit rustic but I still adore how it sits in the room. It just seems to make everything else that little bit more interesting. Oh and I love the contrasting fabric on the back of the dining chairs.

Ahhh, this light used to belong in a holiday home on the beach, it would tinkle gently on the breeze and just add to the lovely cheap tackiness that always seems to epitomise the Australian "shack" however add some glitzy mirror, some lovely upholstered chairs and suddenly this light looks expensive and not only that, it fits into the space.

Again, its all about multiples, however in this one they have thrown out all the rule books and have them randomly spaced and hung at different heights. I think this is very successful and its interesting, your eye is drawn down the length of the stairs without feeling overwhelmed.

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