Tuesday, November 9, 2010

House Update

I just wanted to give you a quick update on my lovely little house. We received the final contracts and engineering drawings last friday and it still wasnt correct, there are still 23 changes I had requested which were either not added or were added incorrectly so they are back again for a third try.

Our pool is causing major problems with delays left right and centre. We went and saw them on the 23rd may - oh yes, it takes 5 months to just design a pool. The designer really has no idea what is going on regarding the delays but is looking into it. The building licence still has not been approved, apparently the shire were waiting for the house to be finished before they approved the pool and for the last 12 weeks no one has called to dissuade them from this idea. I have expressed my displeasure over their lack of organisation and their inability to chase things up and they are still stutteringly saying that this is fairly normal.

Because of this I doubt very much we will have a slab before christmas. There is no way we can get the the following done in 6 weeks
  1. Check over and finalise plans
  2. Get finance approval
  3. Builder to Clear site
  4. Retaining Company to build retaining wall
  5. Builder to peg site
  6. Pool Company to build pool
  7. Builder to lay slab.

I think that this would just put me under way to much pressure which is already an extremely busy time of the year with weddings, Christmas parties, hens and bucks days, birthdays etc.

If we plan to get the plans finalised and contract signed, the finance approved and the block cleared and retaining wall build in the New Year we can start the pool and then the slab.

I believe this is possible before Christmas.

Sorry to do this to you, I an just as excited as you to get things rolling but with the pool company being so totally inept and me preferring to take my time and ensure everything is correct the January start seems much more reasonable.

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