Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Little Bit of Luxury

For me there are a few things that just scream luxury and opulence. One of these is a Piano - a lovely baby grand sitting prettily in the corner gleaming with the smug satisfaction of an object that know just how good it looks. Obviously the petulant little girl from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory come forward, stamps her foot and screams "I want it daddy" except in my case I have to be a bit more creative about it as its my husband not my father and I really don't think "I want it now" would work.

So I want a piano - I want to learn to play it - I want our kids to play. I want it to be something that is used quite a bit. But to be honest, its like a pair of really high shoes you just have to have and know you are never going to wear... I want it because just looking at it and running my hands over the keys will bring me all sorts of joy.

My darling husband, the light of my life has said that if I get lessons and learn to play for 6 solid months then "MAYBE" I can get a piano... now I just have to find the time for lessons.

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