Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Boss the Hypocrite

I am sorry but today I am going slightly off track.

This blog is not about the house its about how bloody hypocritical the world is today. I work in a large oil and gas company for a small engineering division. I do my job very well and very efficiently, I get things done straight away so I'm never snowed under and I never have to do overtime. I have heard ... from people that a lot of the coordinators within the company are either leaving for more money or are getting more money and decided that during my performance review I would ask for an increase in salary from my boss.

This is the response i received:

Boss - "Let me start by saying, you do a great job, you always get everything done I ask, you go above and beyond your job description and you manage the team well.... however you don't look that busy or stretched so I cant really justify the pay rise."

Miss V - "What do you mean?"

Boss - "Well you need to become more serious, you need to look flat out and you need to look like you are wanting to move up in the company"

Miss V - "But I don't want to move up I just want to get paid what I'm worth"

Boss - "yes but you see its all about perception, you need to do more hours."

Miss V - "But I don't need to do more hours, I get the work done in my hours and you don't pay me for more hours. If others cant manage their time why should I suffer for it"

Boss - "All I'm saying is - other peoples perception is that you only do what you have to and then you go home, the project isn't your life and soul"
Miss V - "Why would it be, its a job, I do the job well and then go home. I'm not running the project ... I don't want more responsibility, I just want to do my job and go home."

Boss - "Yes I know that but its how you look to others"

Miss V - "But shouldn't it be my managers perception that matters"

End of discussion - How bloody stupid is this guy. Aghhh. So in honor of my pain in the arse boss I would very much like to exchange him with any one of these poor people.... I am thinking the hippo is my favorite!

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