Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blue, White & Silver

I love the fact that things have changed regarding Christmas. Traditionally it was red, green and gold and while I absolutely adore the lovely warm feel Christmas colours give I have to say ... I am just a little bit in love with all the modern variations.

This year I decided to use pale blue and silver for my gift wrapping. Some lovely simple silver ribbon and some amazing patterned paper and they look so pretty. I cant wait to put them under the tree.

What do you think of pale blue and silver ... is this festive enough or do you think it will date? If so, does it matter that it dates? How often do you update your decorations?

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Helen M said...

I looove white and silver for Christmas, oh and I'm loving your blog too. Your 'conversations' about purchases for the new house with your husband, are all too similar to me and my husband...but we do what we want anyway, we are women after all!!! Enjoy!!
Helen M