Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bloody Windows!

I think I should start by saying - I may well truly be over reviewing plans. I mean, you get the FINAL plans, you look at them and realise they are all wrong. So you make a list of changes, and then they send you back the new FINAL plans and they are still not right. So you fix them up finally and then you get back the new new final plans and guess what. Some of the old things you have fixed months ago are back again.

However, on a good note I am down from 84 changes / revisions to 12 changes / revisions, hopefully in the next month we may finally get a correct drawing. Saying that it may well be my fault. The more I look at the plans the more I think "that would really look better if..."

The one major dilemma I have been having is with the windows in the master bedroom. The original plan was to have 2 lots of 3 wide floor to ceiling windows on one side of the house. And then I found that the lower storey roof does not allow for the second set so they made them highlight windows. Well I just can't see this looking any good. i think it will break up the wall in the worst way, and how am I supposed to curtain them.... way to hard. So I think I have it sussed..... what do you think? Will this look OK? I hope so because if I never have to make another window decision again it will be way to soon. I am OVER windows.... and doors!

Before the changes to windows

After the changes to windows

Sorry the pics arnt to clear - I was trying to take them off a PDF and it didnt turn out so great but im sure you get the picture

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