Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Name Is Miss V & I'm An Addict

Ok - not quite what you think but I am totally, completely 100% addicted to home, design and renovation shows. Missing an episode of The Block upsets me greatly and even the idea of series link not working on Grand Designs Australia would send me into a rash.

BUT on the weekend I discovered another show I quite like - its called Design Star and its very cool. The latest episode they each had a white room with a couch, a coffee table and book case - all white and had to create an amazing designed room using only paint and items you could purchase.... at a supermarket. Well I am totally amazed at what they achieved....

This is my favorite, firewood and apples. So so cool. So so clever and I love the design on the wall out of the firewood. I want this in my lounge room.

This one they mixed milk and paint primer together and dribbled it down the walls - plus look at the orange chandelier - beautiful.

These two have the mist amazing paint techniques I have ever seen, I love the idea of a feature wall but extending it down the sides of the other walls - brilliant.

Finally my worst pick room wise. This is horrendous and mismatched. It just doesn't work, there is bit of crap everywhere and in now way do I think it looks even slightly cohesive.

So - a new show to lust after - YAY to Design Star.


Coopers said...

Wow.. they all look awesome!

Miss Vintage said...

I know coopers - isnt the painting amazing. I could never have thought of these.... (Miss V Sighs dejectedly)