Thursday, February 28, 2013

Show and Tell - The Budget Black and White Bedroom

 photo 031_zps6a1f9fa4.jpg 

Ok so not quite finished but since its actually all going to be coming together this weekend I am so excited to show you what I have brought ... things are looking up up up and I haven't been this excited about finishing something since .... forever.

So in order to prove just how big my saving are I actually took a picture of one of my bigger bargains. A lovely chest of drawers at 50% off. Although lovely this stuff is just too expensive for the area and since no one is buying they are discontinuing this line.

 photo 034_zps4e334d72.jpg
 photo 035_zps8b323661.jpg
 photo 033_zps0222a2cf.jpg

Lucky for me I picked up not only the drawers but a book case all for a song!

 photo 037_zps7dc78905.jpg

 photo 036_zps7312f950.jpg

I also found a chair that had been special ordered in a specific fabric only to have the woman cancel the order because it was to big for the space. Cue Little Miss V .... jumping in to save the day. I will take it off your hands at a bargain price because obviously you don't want it taking up space in your showroom.

 photo 032_zps642e0c19.jpg

Onto other bargains the bed I managed to do very cheaply - a cheap-ish plain white quilt, good quality sheets on sale and then an expensive throw at the end and I think its looking pretty damn swish.

 photo 042_zps3bf1d278.jpg

Finally I put together my frames yesterday including some of my very own photographs and I am so happy with the outcome, cards, pages from an old calendar and my pics .... plus some textured paper and I'm thinking its going to come together so very nicely.

 photo 071_zpsd94497ac.jpg
 photo 072_zps39800d6f.jpg

God I cant wait till Tuesday to show you the hopefully finished product.


Alex.2424 said...

Wow, thats some great stuff, the rooms going to look very nice, and very classy judging by the things you`ve shown us so far. Everytime i go to target i see the cushion you have on the bed and i always stand there for a while thinking should i get it or not but i never do because i dont know if it would go with my other cushions, i like it though ; )

B is building a house said...

Love your work!!!

The bed arrangement looks amazing!!!