Thursday, February 7, 2013

Landscaping Begins & General Ranting


Let me start off by saying I am an angel of a wife (cough cough...) and there is no reason for hubby to get snarky with me but every so often he makes up some offence I have apparently engineered and he feels he has the right to pay back.

How on earth does he get his own back against me .... you ask? Easy - he disrupts my perfectly organised pantry - he will turn all the tins upside down, take things out of neat rows.

What kinds of cruel person does that!!!

Ok so my rant is over - my tins and milk all neatly lined up and we have progress on our backyard.

Footings are in which is brilliant and things are going surprisingly well. Retic pipework and electrical cables are going in today along with the gate .... love it when things start coming together and I cant wait to show you more!!!

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