Thursday, February 14, 2013

Frustration over Western Australia!

So in the news lately is the fact that within the next two years Aldi is coming to Perth. That's right you Eastern Staters ... WA peoples have only 3 choices when it comes to supermarkets and all of them equally expensive, Coles, Woolworths and IGA. The excitement is rampant and the 2 year countdown is on ....

See here is the thing, in WA everything is more expensive. Take my cladding for example. The cheapest product we have found in WA for such a big wall is this one at $49 per square meter - this means the wall will cost a total of $3,920. Now unfortunately as much as I like this product for me it seems to be everywhere and im worried that it will date quite quickly.

 photo copper-feature_zpsb8bb35b1.jpg 

The product that im really wanting is a bit more rustic and textured.

 photo dry-stone20-20alpine20789_zps1ed21de6.jpg

Cue item number two from another place in Perth - this is exactly the look im walking to acheive however with a whopping $134.43 per square meter price the total of $10,754.40. This price seems totally and completely insane and I can tell you I think to myself ... ok its an expensive product HOWEVER this is where I get angry.

I contact a dealer over on the east coast with a very comparable product .... the price per square meter ??? $68.00. Thats right half the cost of the WA product. So for the same wall I am now looking at $5,440. Ahh but what about shipping you ask? Well a quote from a good friend who knows the industry has assured me that shipping is going to be below $3,000. Even with the shipping the price will only be around the $8,300 mark. Overall even with shipping across the country the price of this stone is $2,500 Less than here.

HOW ON EARTH IS THAT POSSIBLE. Is there that big a mark up on products over here. Uggh. Frustration is high .... patience with WA companies is low.

Ok vent over peoples .... what do you think of my wall?

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JT Butson said...

Have you tried this place? Not the best website but might be worth a visit.