Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bedroom Bargains Continue

 photo Freedomsale_zpsdfe77e78.jpg

The one "expensive" item I wanted in my bargain bedroom was a black and white chandelier. I think it would just MAKE the space however I have to say ... I have managed to find one on SALE.

I cant get over just how excited I am at being able to find this item on SALE! Not just any sale but 20% off! That's a $60 saving - how cool is that.

So the light fixture is practically brought and things are moving forward when it comes to putting it all together .... I just cant tell you how excited  I am to show you this room complete!

 photo Regis-Chandelier-Shaded-54cm_zps81a8d490.jpg

God I hope it turns out as well as I am hoping .... but we shall see. Can the bargain hunting continue?


Alex.2424 said...

I got a chandelier similar to that from bunnings warehouse for about 180 dollars and i put it in my kitchen above the island bench and i love it : ). They have pretty much the same one at beacon lighting for hundreds more so it was a bargain

Miss Vintage said...

That's great Alex - thanks I will be sure to take a look.