Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cladding .... Cost vs Want


How bloody hard is it to make the decision if a product that is almost perfect is good enough if its cheap enough.

Ok so a convoluted question but let me explain.

On our big long wall we were hoping to clad it in stone. Problem ... there is 36 meters of it time 2 meters high meaning a hell of alot of cladding.

Now in my head I had a sort of rustic textured lighter tone however everything I love is in the $70 - $120 per sqm price range.

Driving past a local stone company I saw they had cladding for around the $36 per sqm. This is less that half the price of most of the options I like but not exactly what I want. Its a little bit too modern and my concern in that it will date.

So - my question is .... do I settle for something a hell of a lot cheaper or do I hold out and pay alot more when I'm really not sure it will be any better.

In order to make a smart decision on whether we can settle I have decided to wait it out just see how I feel about the below cladding options in situ.

What do you think? Are any of these a good option?

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Alex.2424 said...

I really like the lighter coloured stacked stone and i`d like to use it somewhere in my house or yard but like you im worried it`ll be dated in a few years seeing as its already been around for a while. Have you thought about rendering the whole wall and just having the stone cladding on one part of it in the middle or behind certain features like the pool?