Monday, March 4, 2013

Budget Black and White Bedroom - Done!

 photo panorama-guest2_zpsd7e4cfd1.jpg

So my challenge was to complete a room on a budget.

Obviously the word "budget" is a bit hard because my idea of a budget and someone else's are totally different.

My biggest challenge was making it practical now as a guest room but also be able to change it out for a nursery for very little additional costs.

My thought ... black and white was a safe clean smart looking option which gives me so much potential down the track.

Overall the room came in at $2,930 for everything, below are a few of my costs;

$400 - Curtains
$50 - Bed
$500 - Bedding, pillows, quilt, quilt cover, mattress protector ect.
$1,600 - Furniture, Drawers, bookshelf and chair
$230 - Chandelier
$150 - Prints, frames etc

How do you think I did - although the price still looks a bit high I'm thinking i didn't do half badly. The room looks luxurious and to be honest, I want to be a guest in own house!

 photo Sparebed01_zpsc23ecb6a.jpg photo Sparebed03_zpsdcd665f1.jpg photo SpareBed04_zpsa32908f4.jpg


Ynot said...

I think the room looks great and for under $3k I think you have done well.

Anette Ryan said...

You have done such an excellent job!! Me too, want to be a guest there!
Lovely room, Me like a lot!
Anette :-)

Alex.2424 said...

I love it, you've done a great job : ). It looks very stylish and classy but still homely and inviting. And i love the doors in your house

Miss Vintage said...

Thanks Guys ... god was I nervous before it was done. Its such a relief it turned out so well!

K-L said...