Wednesday, March 6, 2013

007 - Bond Style Party - Catering

 photo Chica_zpsc3cea14d.jpg

So obviously with a bond style party the food has to be AMAZING ... really can you see the darling Mr Bond chowing down on some subway? Nope - me neither ... so catering was a priority.

I decided on a small local company called Chica Catering who I have used alot in a corporate capacity.

Their food is amazing, their staff very professional and I can trust them to do a good job.

Now the food choices .... Stacks of food choices but here is what I have come up with.

Cocktail Food
  • Seared beef on a roast garlic crouton with peppered cherry tomato
  •  photo CC2036_zpsb843596d.jpg
  • Beef, Porcini and shiraz pie with
  •  photo CC_38_zps161ae510.jpg
  • Chicken and grain mustard roulade with golden puff pastry
  •  photo CC_6_zps977a99f0.jpg
  • Spiced duck and orange salad with beetroot crisps served in a cocktail spoon
  •  photo CC_7_zps5ddd6e91.jpg
  • Petite chicken ciabatta burger with tomato relish, aioli and spinach
  •  photo CC_36_zps54643025.jpg
  • Lamb and feta kebabs with a tomato and mint jus
  •  photo CC_35_zps44e2f14e.jpg
  • Japanese crumbed pork belly with chilli and soy served in a pine boat and a cocktail fork
  •  photo CC_19_zps621fcb92.jpg
  • Coconut prawns with mango salsa
  •  photo CC_30_zps11a6824b.jpg

Something more Substantial at the end of the night

  • Fish and chips box with lime mayonaise and lemon wedges
  •  photo CC2078_zpsa68b729e.jpg
  • Sticky pork belly with Asian rice
  •  photo CC2075_zps1f60c2b1.jpg

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