Monday, March 11, 2013

007 Bond Style Party - The Look

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So lets be honest ... I dont wear alot of makeup. Actually I wear very little at all - I always try to look nice but life is just to hectic to spend hours in front of the mirror trying to get my eyes to look dark and smokey or god knows what.

This is a rather large problem as from the pictures I have seen Bond Girls tend to go for the dark and smoky looking eyes, stacks of makeup and a sultry pout ....

The answer to this conundrum ... youtube. I was overwhelmed with just how easy it is to search "Bond Girl Makeup" and come up with a thousand different "how to" video's walking you through the process step by step.

Obviously imagine me getting my eye lid stuck to my finger trying to get those stupid fake lashes on ... stabbing myself with an eyeliner pencil, banging my head on the mirror as I try to colour in my brows but finally .... there is some semblence of smoky going on.

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I am concerned I look more street walker than bond girl but I think thats half the fun of dressing up, you get to walk this very thin line that during normal every day life you avoid like the plague ....

Oh yes, and my bestest friend in the world told me the other day, now in our 30's we can no longer claim to look "street walker" we are now officially "mutton dressed as lamb!"

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K-L said...

Bullshit! Youre still waaay tooo young for that tag! I think you look great....a little like a scared rabbit in a car's headlights, but great. Add confidence and Bam! Bond Girl perfection! x KL