Sunday, December 16, 2012

Two Aussie Tourists in Romania


I need to start by apologising for my absence, however while Romania seems to have wifi everywhere, whenever you try to do something your computer decides its time for its own holiday.

I am pleased to report that here in the Bucharest airport it appears the world is suddenly a good place again and the "net" is back up and running and I have stacks to share.

Let me start by saying it is completely different to what I imagined. It is modern and appears well thought out and the history is just so damn interesting we asked our poor guide a never ending lot of questions.

So we didn't get to see Bucharest much itself instead focusing on the little towns around the Carpathian Mountains. First stop is the tiny little skiing town,  Sinaia and in particular the breathtaking Peles castle. This castle was just like something out of a fairy tale and while I am unable to show you pictures of the interior, the external shots will give you an idea on just how lovely this whole experience was.


Next was Bran castle ... touted as Dracula's castle, its really just a medieval ruin that king Vlad Dracul stayed in one night a few hundred years ago. It does give you a good idea on just how dark, cold and bloody the history of this country really is.


Over the next few days we visited churches and fortresses, small towns and medieval walls and got to see some of what makes Romania so special.


I should mention that during this little visit the temperature stayed an average -15 to -20 degrees. This was cold even for the locals and make somethings like feeling your fingers and toes a bit difficult but overall we got to see some amazing places sometimes completely on our own, no crowds and a lovely dusting of snow making everything that little bit more special.


I think the pictures here speak for themselves however I will say that I am ever so impressed with this country .... its not mentioned enough and I know of very few people who have visited but if you are thinking of touring Europe, Romania should be on your list!! 

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