Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve ... German Style

Usually Christmas Eve is a stressful time full of last minute running around, preparation as well as a fair bit of excitement ... 2012 for us was actually the complete opposite. 


Our family christmas started with a leisurely walk around the lake to feed the ducks.


We then visited the small town of Fussen to find any last minute Christmas gifts. Such a pretty little town the name actually means 3 feet or legs. Every town we seem to visit is just as pretty as the last, is it possible that Germany holds the monopoly of pretty little towns??? Perhaps. 


After that we travelled to the nearby town of Hopfen where we lunched and wandered around the most picturesque lake I have ever seen. Imagine if you will how very different our Christmas Eve is ... slowly wandering around this lake instead of trying to entertain family and friends. Finally we were lucky enough to join the locals in singing Christmas carols with the local band.


I am aware that I possibly overdid it on the Lake pictures but seriously ... have you ever seen anything this spectacular ... I would be hard pressed to think of a place that matches this place on this day!

Such a lovely way to celebrate Christmas ... now its time to dress for Christmas Eve dinner ... oh joy ... time to dress up!


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