Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kiev - A City of Churches and Snow


So today was our one and only day in the city of Kiev and we were determined to make the most of if ... that was before we woke up this morning to find Kiev ... a city covered in snow. Unusually high snowfall in the city have made getting around rather difficult. We tried from 9.30am to 3.30pm before wet and tired we retreated to the hotel. 

It's actually pretty disappointing because the city itself it heavenly, full of lovely architecture and pretty churches it would have been great to explore. The problem is the cities we are visiting just are not capable of dealing with such large amounts of snow and ice. The snow melts by cars driving and people walking over it causing a rather dangerous layer of ice which even the locals are wary of and then ankle depth of slush ... a lovely mixture of snow, water and brown dirt that seems the love finding its way into your shoes.

I am quite proud to say I have not fallen over once here .... there was one close call where a lovely local man caught me and swept me off my feet. If I wasn't married it could have made for a lovely beginning to a love storey .... man saves girl from slushy road and in return she marries him and has his babies! Maybe the cold has gone to my head .... I'm tempted to delete the above but perhaps its best I leave it so you can see just how insane the weather seems to be turning me. 

So todays post is dedicated to our combined bravery in visiting some of the most beautiful churches in Kiev. We did visit an underground burial ground for monks and while interesting Mr V found all the mummified remains just creepy.


My favourite church would be the yellow one ... for some reason it just seems magical and fairy-like. When we entered there was a service going on and the choir was heavenly. Choirs in churches just do it for me because before to long I had tears in my eyes. This church seemed warm and loved and it was small enough for me to declare this to be my favourite church so far however Mr V just cant seem to understand why I like it so much. Maybe he just cant feel how special this seems to me because even from the outside its something special! What do you think? are you with me?


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danma said...

I love the blue one, so so pretty with the snow against it..
Have fun & stay safe in your travel's