Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Frankfurt Christmas Markets


Poor Mr V ... yesterday was a day of shopping and he tagged along behind mum and I carrying our bags ... such a good husband.

Yesterday was pegged as a day to explore the shops and the Christmas Markets.

The shopping prices are comparable to Australia however the range is greater and I will admit we had a ball.

Now to the markets ... they were huge. They were also extremely busy at night and not really conducive for a relaxed night of shopping, drinking and eating. Mr V totally freaked out at the amount of people and had a huge fear of losing me .... Im so short I get lost very easily in the crowds. 


We had a taste of the markets however left rather early and will be attempting it again tomorrow afternoon.

Let me give you my first thoughts ... the smells of sweet cooked sugar and spicy mulled wine drag you in. It was cold but not too cold and your breath fogged the air in front as you stroll down the narrow alleys decorated with pine boughs and lightings. The stalls are filled with things to look at and the people were happy however the one thing I felt missing was sound. No christmas music was playing and for me that would have added to the overall experience.


Tomorrow will be a second change for Mr V ... I hope to report a more positive experience on my poor husbands behalf.

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Anette Ryan said...

I love reading about your European trip. Now you made me miss that special feeling a Northern European Christmas Market have. You cant get that anywhere else, especially not i sunshine!! LOL
Hope your husband has a better experience today.
All the best and have a Merry Christmas over there.