Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Boring Stuff and a New Chair ... or Two!


I deserted you yesterday for the boring stuff. Accountants, Finance peoples and banks. However with a few hours in between appointments we trawled the streets looking in furniture stores.

Guess what I found .... these amazing dining chairs. Now every time I find dining chairs I like I discover they are well outside my budget. These were no different with the price ticket a whopping $690 per chair. Ok so yes, I have expensive taste but even I would not pay that much for chairs ... its just not in my budget. Devastated I slowly stepped away from the chair only to be told by the owner that there were only 8 left and he really wanted to get rid of them ... they took up room and they were not selling. Anyway, minutes later and 60% off I am now the owner of 8 beautiful dining chairs at the budget price of $270.

Im not going to lie its still expensive but look at these chairs and tell me your not as desperately in love with them as I am.

However it does make things interesting because the table holds 4 on the sides and one at each end. I am now on the look out for an amazing carver chair I can do up in some amazing fabric to compliment what I already have.

YAY - Buy of the week for Miss V. I love a good bargain and one this pretty just makes my heart sing.



The Decorating Emporium said...

At $270ea for chairs like that, you would have been crazy to walk away!

Nice buy, Miss V!


Ange @ A Cream Cottage said...

Love them! And what a bargain. You were meant to have them! Ange