Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pure Joy Comes in the Form of an FJ Toyota


Sometimes you see someone truly happy. Its almost like watching kids Christmas Eve. The excitement is palpable and you cant help but smile as you watch them bounce up and down.

Yesterday my dad was going through the same thing. See he was replacing his car. A car he has kept for over 20 years and yesterday he was upgrading. Not only was he upgrading he was replacing it with something that truly made him happy. So happy he kept rubbing his hands together and bouncing on his seat on the long drive up to the car yard.

Personally for me it feels wrong to like this car, and yet after driving it (although it was very tank like) I have to say I can see why he loves it. Everything is big and simple and made to last .... hopefully another 20 years.  Oh and the thing that sold it for him .... it has 3 windscreen wipers .... for those time when two just isn't enough!


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