Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Task and A Half...


There comes a moment when you realise things could have been done differently. For us the pool and wall combination is one of those times.

We didn't have too much of a choice, our neighbours gave us a very limited time frame for putting up the wall, even going so far as to say they were going to put up a fence it we didn't "hop to it!"

So throwing out our order of priority we had to build the wall before getting the pool dug out. Now because our block is extremely narrow and the only access point is now a single door - this means we have to hand dig out of pool. Such a mammoth task ... such a huge job we are still trying to wrap our heads around it.

I must say because I work full time (he hehe) my husband is being left with the hand digging and I actually feel bad for him. 

Please wish us luck, it should only take us the next month of digging!


penny barns said...

Oh my lord, you cant seriously dig out a pool by hand......
poor hubby, and what rude neighbours.
Pen x

Miss Vintage said...

Hi Penny ... it was one of those seriously difficult decisions where there wasnt a good outcome. The only good news is hubby is thinking of it as a free gym session!