Thursday, August 16, 2012

Black and White Wall Mural


Now the fun starts .... in this instance it its my wall mural. 

Our lovely dark smoky blue walls were specifically chosen to compliment the most amazing idea I have ever had. Oh yes, this was an exciting moment for both of us. We are going to be using a full wall black and white mural we just love.

Its going to sit on the wall behind my couch (sorry, only half the couch has been delivered so far) and hopefully really make a stand out statement for us.

I'm actually really excited about this design element and cant wait to get it started. We met with the printer last night who went through the options with us and now we are just waiting for them to analyse the image and hopefully tell us its of a good enough quality to use as we wanted.

Fingers and toes crossed it passes the test!


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