Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Organisation ... The Ikea Way


Ikea is one of those dangerous places that should be avoided at all costs by those on a budget.

They have taken the whole concept of "getting organised" and made it cool. Oh yes, all those little tasks you have been meaning to do suddenly become fun after a trip to this wonderland of storage and smart ideas.

I only purchased on little item this trip .... for myself anyway's and I have to say, I love it. For me, its a household organiser. Bills, takeaway menu's and all my general household paperwork now has a home and my is it pretty.

So I now have this lovely new home for all my, To Do's, To Pay's and To File's I am hoping the Chaotic paperwork situation featuring lost bills and piles of crap will simply .... vanish.

Thankyou Mr Ikea .... another brilliant tool to help keep me organised.



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