Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bold Black Pool


On the weekend we finally went and met with the pool people to finalise the colours / options for our pool. The plan is for the pool to be completed end of September but we wanted to look into final costs etc.

In our heads we wanted something unusual and the idea of a black pool just seemed so perfect for the look we are going for we had to do it. Its actually surprising how many different black options you do have and in the end we narrowed it down to 2. One of them was a smooth pearl black coating that was almost matt in colour with a bit of sparkle. It felt natural and soft with just the right amount of wow. 

Everything was going smoothly until the pool company pulled out the other options ... you can actually get a pebble-crete now which isn't actually pebbles but shiny semi precious stones that just look cool. The problem for us is as much as we loved it it just seemed a little bit to "Versace" for the look we had in our head before we arrived.

It took a bit of discussion before we decided on the lovely matt colour because when you are in the show room there are so many pretty shiny things its natural to want them, my eyes lit up and I just wanted everything sparkly and over the top!

Lucky for me hubby saw the bigger pictures and pulled me back from the shiny edge saving us from making a big design mistake. 

Moral of the story, stick with the vision in your head and try to avoid the attraction to pretty shiny things!






The Decorating Emporium said...

Oooh, I love black pools! My Husband said no, full stop, so ours will be a natural colour with some black stones and feature tiles.

I will be eagerly awaiting completion of this project, Miss V!


Miss Vintage said...

Thanks M ... its a risk and I don't think I will totally relax about the decision until its finished so yes ... I am also eagerly awaiting completion.