Thursday, September 8, 2011

Still In Bed

I have three things to say at the moment as I languish in bed feeling quite sad and sorry for myself!

Firstly - Day time TV even foxtel gets old rather quickly after 5 days stuck using it as your only form of entertainment

Secondly - Its perfectly possible to eat too many Calipo's causing major acid reflux when lying down

Thirdly - Doctors are sanctimonious asses telling you to just bare it and then spouting nonsense about how there is nothing they can do ... why am I paying them $75 dollars, they didn't even rub my back ....

I do realise that I'm being rather .... feisty however I feel its perfectly justified ... if I don't have unlimited entertainment through foxtel or my Calipo's then what do I have ... a horrid cold and a bed that I am getting quite sick of.

Hope to have a more positive outlook tomorrow!

Miss V

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