Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day Three, Part One - London at a Glance

I really don’t know how this diary is going to work, I like the idea of one post per day however then its going to be really long because I want to jot down all my thoughts before I lose them … and we all know just how talented I am at losing things.

So hubby woke me up at 5am this morning because he had been up since 3am and thought it was only fair that I was awake as well. After rearranging the room to fit two suitcases we went down to breakfast and then decided to brave the London Underground, which is amazingly easy to use (Thank you Mr Oyster Card) but really outdated, There is no room for Prams on the trains and the step down is almost too much for a short ass like myself. But we did it and did it well because we didn’t even get lost trying to get to Trafalgar.

We spent most of the day on the hop on hop off bus and I can safely say I now have a basic idea of the city and how its laid out. We did the obligatory drive by big ben, St Peters Cathedral, The Monument, the eye and Thames river cruise which are just as lovely in person as in all the pictures. We also saw so many statues or monuments I swear that the iron workers in the city must be millionaires by now. After the river cruise we took a walk down the river and came across a really cute food festival which was to die for. .. I swear it was heaven in a Styrofoam bowl!

So they day went well, we saw everything and are now plotting our plan for the next few days and hoping to fit way to much in in a very small amount of time.

Miss V

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